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Entry #1

First post! OMG!

2008-10-06 22:33:34 by icantthinkofanynames

Any comments regarding me, make here. Don't be a douche!


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2008-10-06 22:39:50

Welcome to Newgrounds

icantthinkofanynames responds:

Haha thanks :P


2008-10-06 22:45:43

ur a fag

icantthinkofanynames responds:



2008-11-04 01:11:21

Actually it's not even mine! I saw it somewhere else while I was looking through some other peoples posts. I found it in Harrah's post. He was angry about some post he made and aparently it was about a 14 year old girl that was half nude or something, and evetually i got to a response that had that, and i thought it was fucking sweet XD And ya.. It's the internet, you can't expect everyone to be nice, can you?


2008-11-22 22:38:39

You are awesome!